The Best Things to See & Do in Bled, Slovenia

Published on
February 21, 2024
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Lake Bled, Slovenia, Voted #5 Country to visit in Europe in 2022! Known for its picturesque landscape and stunning Julian Alps backdrop, we say Bled is deserving of the title. With so much to see and do in Bled, the hardest part is knowing where to start, which is why the team at Adventure Rafting Bled created this list of the top ten things to see & do in Bled.‍

1. Rafting with Adventure Rafting Bled
The beauty of rafting in Bled: it is a perfect summers day activity for nearly everyone. From your young family to group of friends, we can tailor the expereince to your adventure level! That being said, Sava Dolinka is a grade ii-iii river, so the adrenaline junkies may wish for a little more pizzazz. For those looking for a little more, you can jump on our Sava Bohinkatrip during the spring, you’ll get that extra step up.Sample Text

2. Visit the Island
On the famous drop shaped island in the centre of the lake, perched atop 99 steps, you’ll find the Church of the Assumption accompanied by a small museum, the Provost’s House. A real must-do for anyone visiting Lake Bled. Get there by pletna, rent a boat, paddle board, or even swim!

3. Walk/Cycle around the Lake

Weather you take on the lake trail by foot or wheels, this is a must do when in Bled. The path is 6 kilometres long and is perfect walking & easy cycling. Join the path around the lake at any point you want, with many spots to take a break to drink, snack or just take in the views along the way. The path is well maintained and leads along an asphalt road, macadam and wooden footbridge above the lake water.

4. Ojstrica
Whilst you’re on the tour around the lake path, stop off, climb Ojstrica and marvel at the natural beauty offered by the panoramic view. Ojstrica, (Slovene for Sharp Peak) stands high above Lake Bled. The climb is short & steep but well worth 20 minutes it takes to take in the view of Lake Bled at the top.

5. Vintgar Gorge
Vintgar Gorge, carved by the Radovna River, is located approximately 4 kilometres from Bled. The 1.6-kilometre long gorge runs through glorious vertical walls, highlighted by the rivers waterfalls, pools and rapids. The trail winds through the gorge, down and over to Šum waterfall, and is an easy, but beautiful walk for all levels.

6. Ziplining
Zipline through the protected natural monument of Bled and experience Slovenia as free as a bird! Soar high above the Sava river and through the towering trees that surround.
Zipline Dolinka is home to the longest zipline in Europe, with 7 lines that takes you on a total of 4km of flying…

7. Canyoning
There are several rivers (namely; Jerečica and Grmečica) which can be explored almost only by canyoning.
Plunge into pools, over waterfalls, down epic slides and experience nature in all her glory!

8. Straža

While Bled is a summer destination, it still provides for those who enjoy winter activities! Both skiers and snowborders alike can enjoy the Straža ski slope, which is only a few minutes’ walk from the town centre.

Summer sledding on the Straža ski slope is one of the most popular family activities in Bled.
The sledding route offers splendid view of Bled, the Castle, and the surrounding alps & countryside.

9. Bled Castle
Dramatically perched on a sheer cliff overlooking the emerald-green lake, you’ll find Bled Castle. With it’s 1000+ year history, Blejski Grad invites its visitors to explore its museum in the upper courtyard, where you can delve deep into the distant past of Lake Bled, then visit the upper courtyard to the castle chapel, smithy, souvenir shop and restaurant.

10. Whitewater kayaking
Whitewater kayaking offers a unique experience for all outdoor enthusiasts. Being closer to the water than you are while in a raft, you’ll get to experience the river first-hand! We do our kayaking trips down the calmer part of the Sava Dolinka river so it is perfect for beginners. Trips are done in sit-on-top kayaks.

So there you have it!
Our top picks on what to see and do on your next visit to Lake Bled.
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