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Adventure Rafting Bled

Welcome to Adventure Rafting Bled (ARB)

We are a local, family run business in Bled, Slovenia since 2006.

Robert Stan, the owner and founder of ARB, started rafting in Bled area as early as in the beginning of the nineties.
In the pioneer era of adventure sport in Bled he was one of the founders of Bled Rafting, the company that started organising rafting trips in Bled in 1991. In 2006 he started his own company called Adventure Rafting Bled. Since then he has been successfully leading ARB with the help of his sons, wife and group of trusted guides.

Our team, combined with years of experience in Bled tourism and internationally experienced guides, strive to offer only the best experiences to those who choose to explore our beautiful country with us. Our goal is not just to offer the best service regarding the activity but also to present Slovenia as a country, its beauty and richness.

Our main service is rafting trips, but in the cooperation with other local outdoor specialists we have enriched our offers with an array of outdoor experiences.

We are proud and happy to live in a country as beautiful as Slovenia and eager to get you involved in our story!

Meet our team

We have a colourful & fun team here at Adventure Rafting Bled!
Each of our raft guides are handpicked, making sure that they deliver you the best trip ever!

All ARB Guides are certified Swiftwater Rescuers and chosen based off of their "fun" rating which must be a minimum of 5/5 Stars.
Robert, Adventure Rafting Bled Owner Profile Picture
Robert Stan
(1/5 of the Stan boys at ARB) Owner of Adventure Rafting Bled, Robi has been rafting since before the rest of us were born. He started Adventure Rafting Bled in 2006 and has been the glue that holds the rafting trips together ever since.

Rafting Since: 1991
Hometown: Bled, Slovenia
Fun Fact:
I'm a funny guy, I swear.
Hobbies: driving, rafting, mountain biking, swimming, SUPing, taking Tini the dog for walks
Blaz, Adventure Rafting Bled Raft Guide Profile Picture
BlaZ Stan
Manager & River Guide
(2/5 of the Stan boys at ARB) Blaž is next in line for the ARB throne, now taking over more of an administrative role, so you know when he's on the river he'll be wearing his ear-to-ear smile.

Rafting Since: 2007
Hometown: Bled, Slovenia
Fun Fact: I sing when I shower.
Hobbies: kayaking, mountain biking, freeride skiing, traveling, exploring, beer
Jure, Adventure Rafting Bled Raft Guide Profile Picture
Jure Stan
Canyoning Manager & River Guide
(3/5 of the Stan boys at ARB) Jure's passion for rafting & kayaking has taken him all over the world, though his love for Bled always brings him home!

Rafting Since: 2009
Hometown: Bled, Slovenia
Fun Fact: I was conceived in a raft
Hobbies: Kayaking, hiking, surfing, exploring, stand up paddleboarding, red wine, and long walks on the beach
Matic, Adventure Rafting Bled Raft Guide Profile Picture
Matic Lotric
River Guide
Born to be a teacher, Matic spends his summers as one of the best guides on the Sava, and in winter one of the best teachers on the ski jumps.

Rafting Since: 2013
Hometown: Lesce, Slovenia
Fun Fact: I was born into a Rafting/Kayaking Family
Hobbies: Beachvolley, tennis, football, ski jumping, freeride skiing, exploring, spritzer & party
Tilen, Adventure Rafting Bled Raft Guide Profile Picture
Tilen Dovzan
River Guide
Don't be mistaken by Tilens height, he makes up for it in entertaining stories & good jokes! A genuine character with plenty to share.

Rafting Since: 2016
Hometown: Lesce, Slovenia
Fun Fact: The adopted child of ARB
Hobbies: hiking, skiing, exploring all around, motorsports, love fast cars & pretty girls, drinking wine n feelin fine
Jakob, Adventure Rafting Bled Raft Guide Profile Picture
Jakob Stan
River Guide
(5/5 of the Stan boys at ARB) Being a professional Ice Hockey Player is Jakobs #1 goal in life, his #2 goal is to show his rafting guests the very best of the Sava River. Often the slowest raft on the trip, he just loves to talk!

Rafting Since: 2018
Hometown: Bled, Slovenia
Fun Fact: Healthiest man alive
Hobbies: golf, sauna, training, watching tv series & spending time at Gostilna Kurej.