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Lake Bled, Slovenia.

At the foot of the Alps, in the northwestern part of Slovenia, lies a picturesque town called Bled. Here, The Church of the Assumption of Mary sits on a small island, surrounded by a glacial lake. In the backdrop lies a medieval castle, proudly standing atop a cliff reaching 130 meters above the water. The breathtaking view leaves even experienced travellers speechless. And to make it perfect, the view is crowned with the peaks of the surrounding Alps and green forests, calling to be explored.

There's so much Lake Bled has to offer

Whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway in an idyllic setting, or an active vacation full of outdoor activities, Bled and the surrounding area have it all!

For the Adventurers

For those seeking an adventure, Bled with its surroundings will answer your call. The mighty Triglav mountain, overlooking Bled from the west, remind us of the closeness of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park. This entire area, with its rivers, canyons, lakes, and mountains, presents a perfect playground for adventure seekers. Activities such as rafting, canyoning, kayaking, paragliding, ziplining, mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing can be done on a daily basis in the summer season. As adventure specialists, everyone here at Adventure Rafting Bled will gladly help you organize your active vacation so you can get the most of it - whether you are looking for a single day of thrill or a week full of adrenaline.

For the Relaxers

Take a walk or ride a bike around the lake. As you go, stop at one of the many beaches to sunbathe. To cool off, jump in the lake (and maybe even swim to the island!). If you are not an experienced swimmer, another option is renting a boat or hopping on one of the traditional wooden “pletna” boats that make frequent trips to the island. And don’t miss the rewarding view after walking up to the castle!

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Train Timetable

Bled has two train stations — Lesce-Bled and Bled Jezero. Both stations are around 4km from the town centre.

Bus Timetable

Regular Bus Lines connect Bled with all towns & cities in Slovenia as well as connections for long distance bus services.

Weather Forecast

Current and Upcoming Weather Forecast for Bled and surrounding areas.

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