I Speak Slovene!

The Slovenian language was the first written Slavic language and is considered to be one of the most complex languages in Europe. It is spoken by just ...

The Best Things to See & Do in Bled, Slovenia

1. Rafting with Adventure Rafting Bled The beauty of rafting in Bled: it is a perfect summers day activity for nearly everyone. From your young family ...

All you need to know about rafting in Bled

First, to have one thing clear - Bled is not the most famous place for  rafting in Slovenia. This title would go to the Soča River that is situated ju ...

Starting rafting season 2020

‼️ Happy news ‼️ Upcoming weekend we are starting with rafting season 2020 ☀️ Because we are soo happy to be able to bring people to the river again w ...

Temporary halt of our services due to the coronavirus

Dear travelers, nature lovers, explorers, rafters! Quarantine times are perfect for planning future trips. If you like views in the video, don't forge ...

7 Reasons Why Rafting is a GREAT Summer Activity

When people hear about whitewater rafting they mostly imagine powerful rapids, dangerous environment and adrenaline rush. Rafting can most certainly b ...
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