Temporary halt of our services due to the coronavirus

Dear travelers, nature lovers, explorers, rafters!

This will be first spring since 2006 when we started operating that our rafts won’t be hitting the waves of the Slovenian rivers.
Due to the coronavirus epidemic we are temporary stopping all our services. For now, all bookings till 15th of May are canceled. Also, it is not possible to book our services through any of the booking channels (our web-site, TripAdvisor,…) at least until 15th of May. If you will book any of our services for later and you won’t be able to participate due to the coronavirus epidemic restrictions we will offer you an alternative date or full refund. We will be informing you about the situation through news on our website and on social media.
Since it is important to self-isolate right now, we prepared a video that is featuring breathtaking views of the Sava Dolinka River. This way you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from your living room :)

Quarantine times are perfect for planning future trips. If you like views in the video, don’t forget to check out our Bled Rafting trip, that takes place on the Sava Dolinka River. The river is situated just a 5 minutes drive from Bledcentre and this way represents a great option for a half day activity in the nature.

Adventure Rafting Bled team wishes everybody to stay safe and healthy in this uncertain times. Stay home and self-isolate! And when this is over we hope to see you around.

Adventure Rafting Bled team

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