I Speak Slovene!

Whether you’re visiting for the weekend or all summer, speaking like the locals can be a quick way to stand out from other holiday makers and tourists visiting Slovenia!

The Slovenian language was the first written Slavic language and is considered to be one of the most complex languages in Europe. It is spoken by just over two million people and contains many different dialects that even some native speakers would struggle to comprehend! 

Even though it’s considered complex & difficult to learn fluently, it’s fun to know a few Slovene phrases and greetings, that’s why we’ve put together a list of some easy, common and useful Slovenian phrases for your trip to sLOVEnia:

Slovenian Phrase  English
Ja, prosim. Yes, please.
Ne, hvala. No, thanks.
Hvala lepa. Thank you very much.
Hvala enako. Thanks to you too.
Prosim. You’re welcome.
Kako si? How are you?
Dobro. Fine/Good
Pa ti? And you?
Lepo se imej! Have a nice day!
Živjo. Hi.
Adijo. Bye.
Dober večer. Good evening.
Dobro jutro. Good morning.
Lahko noč. Good night.
Lep dan! Good day!
Se vidiva (dual)/vidimo (plural)! See you later!
Me veseli. Nice to meet you.
Na zdravje! Cheers!/Bless you!
Zelo okusno! Very tasty!
Koliko je ura? What’s the time?
Ura je tri. It’s three o’clock.
Ali govoriš/govori angleško? Do you speak English?
Ja, malo. Yes, a little.
Žal ne. Unfortunately not.
Govorim slovensko/angleško/francosko/nemško/

italijansko/špansko …

I speak Slovenian/English/French/German/


Sure, you don’t NEED to speak Slovene to explore this beautiful country… but you’ll make a great impression on the locals ;)

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